Why you should buy kiln-dried logs

Why should you buy kiln-dried logs? For starters, burning kiln-dried wood on a fire will provide the most heat and the most efficiency!

The benefits of kiln-dried wood are considerable:

  • You get more heat from your fire
  • It’s much more efficient
  • It’s more economical
  • You’ll get fewer problems with your stove and/or chimney flue

Burning unseasoned wood can be at best frustrating and time-consuming and, at worst, dangerous.

Some of the worse things that could happen are:

  • A chimney fire
  • A build up of tar inside your woodburner
  • Your fireside appliance getting rusty
  • Your flue rusting

Burning unseasoned or damp wood will mean the fire doesn’t burn efficiently – you’ll be burning off the moisture in the wood, and combustion and heat will be very poor.  You’ll end up with a hissing, spitting fire which will need constant attention.

This phrase sums it up perfectly:

The fire should increase in heat and intensity when you add firewood – not start to fade and fizzle

Here’s a list of reasons for burning the driest logs possible:

  • Dry fires produce more heat more quickly
  • Less smoke is produced
  • The smoke gets drawn up through chimney more quickly
  • Less build up of tar or other “condensates” in your appliance or flue/chimney
  • Moisture is less likely to build up