Choosing the right firewood log supplier

Lots of people supply firewood.  Quality varies enormously between different suppliers and there are several considerations which will affect your choice of hardwood or mixed wood log supplier:

  • What type of wood are you actually buying?  – hardwood, softwood or a mixture? Does the log supplier specify which type?
  • Has the wood been kiln-dried or seasoned properly? What is the level of dryness of the log or firewood?
  • What is the size of the logs being supplied? Are they small and easy to handle or will they be too big for your fireplace or woodburner?
  • Does the log supplier sell by volume or by weight? They should sell only by volume.  It’s much better to buy logs by volume rather than weight as unseasoned logs could weigh more.
  • Does the wood supply come from a sustainable source?
  • It’s better, where possible, to choose a local supply source, as this reduces the energy required to transport the fuel to you.

Try and avoid burning:

Avoid burning the following as they can give off unpleasant odours and generate emissions that damage the environment or your health!

If you are using a woodburning stove to burn wood it may also get damaged by additional chemical compounds

  • Varnished or plastic-coated wood
  • Wood treated with wood preservatives
  • Unsorted household waste