Burning wood as a fuel

Over the last few years, burning wood as a fuel has become increasingly popular in the UK as more and more people have come to recognise the benefits of using wood for burning.

The number of people choosing to swap from other sources of heating and solid fuels to burning wood as a method of heating (such as a wood burning stove) or for social uses like burning wood logs in an open fire, chimnea or a garden firepit has been significant in the last few years.

Burning firewood has a number of benefits

Wood burning emits a lovely aroma and if you use properly kiln-dried logs you will get the extra benefit of producing more heat.

Quality Logs primary source of firewood logs is as a natural waste product from its sister company, Nest Land Management Ltd in East Sussex. Our logs have been processed and dried in our own kiln for the correct amount of time to create the best firewood in Sussex.

Burning wood benefits

  • Firewood is easy to store and burn
  • Ambiance and aroma
  • Dried, properly kiln-dried wood burns at a higher temperature
  • Burning wood is eco-friendly

The different ways of burning firewood

Wood is a very versatile fuel and can be burned in many different forms and in a number of different appliances.  It can be burned to heat one or more rooms, the whole house, to produce hot water and to cook on.

To produce heat for one or more rooms, logs can be burned on an open or real fire.  These look nice, but are not particularly efficient because about 80-85% of the heat goes up the chimney.  A much more efficient alternative is a wood burning stove, which have efficiencies in excess of 70%.  With the right wood burning stoves, firewood can be burned in a smokeless zone.  Some wood burning stoves can also be fitted with back boilers to heat one or more radiators or your domestic hot water.

Logs can also be burned in a ceramic stove.  These have extensive internal flues and can retain heat for up to 24 hours after the last firing.  They can be around 90% efficient and some can be used in smokeless zones.  Another option is a range, which can be used for cooking, hot water and central heating.