What quantity of logs will I need?

All our log deliveries come in two size loads; 1x or 2x overfilled .85 cubic metre bags.

What’s a .85 cubic metre bag?

One of our .85 cubic metre bags, full of logs

Deliveries are made in our equivalent to large builders’ bags (the ones you might see filled with sand or aggregate on a building site or outside someone’s house) which are approximately .85 cubic metres each.

Please note that when your logs are unloaded, they’ll be in a loose pile.  When your logs are stacked, they’ll take up a lot less space than when they are delivered.

How many logs do I get?

2m3 quality hardwood firewood logs

2 bags of hardwood logs after being tipped onto a driveway – it took 14 wheelbarrow trips to move this pile

It’s hard to say exactly how many logs you will get in a two-bag load, but we reckon you’ll usually get about 450-550 logs.

Order Kiln-dried Hardwood (2 x overfilled .85 cubic metre bags) Now

Do you do smaller bags?

Our smallest delivery is one of our .85 cubic metre bags – anything less than that means it’s not economically viable for us to deliver without having to charge extra.